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*Please note that Microsoft no longer supports Internet Explorer (IE) therefore you will be required to use a different browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge to complete the online enrolment form.

Welcome to your Learning Curve Group Flexible Learning course enrolment!

Before you complete the Online Enrolment Form, please make sure you have the following documents and information ready:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • One of the following, a scanned copy or photo of your identification document, for example, Passport OR Birth Certificate OR Driving Licence etc (Bus passes and Work ID cards will not be accepted as a valid form of identification)
  • Your employment details and supporting employment documents, for example this could be, a wage slip OR a P60 etc.
  • If you are unemployed, instead of a Wage Slip please upload evidence of benefits
  • Details of your previous qualifications

If you have any queries or issues whilst submitting your details, you can call our Customer Care Team on 0800 085 2081 or use our Web Chat facility which is available in the bottom right corner of your computer screen and clicking 'Chat Now'.

To return to your Learning Curve Group account and access your learning, please do not fill this form in again, but instead go to and use your username and password.

2. Eligibility
  • 2. Have you been granted one of the following:
  • 7. Are you an asylum seeker who has been refused asylum and;
3. Equal Opportunities
  • Cannot be blank
  • Cannot be blank
Please select at least one option.
4. Employment status
  • Are you in receipt of any of the following:
  • If you answered yes to either "Universal Credit" or "another state benefit" above, please answer any of the following that apply:
  • Annual gross salary *
    We need your annual salary information as it is asked for by the funding body ESFA
5. Employment Details

Main place of work.

6. Household Situation
  • Please indicate which of the following statements best reflects your current household information:*
7. Prior Attainment
  • Subject Qualification/Awarding Body Qualification Level e.g. Award, Certificate, Diploma etc. Grade Year
    + -
    8. Evidence

    You are required to upload one of the following - a scanned copy of your I.D (ID OR passport OR birth certificate etc.) and a Payslip or P60, if you are unemployed evidence of benefits so we can confirm your eligibility for funding. Failure to do so could lead to a delay in your registration process for this qualification. After uploading, documents will be securely destroyed once they are validated.

    Upload your documents here

    To prove that you exist we need to ask for ID evidence. Without this evidence you will not be able to enrol on one of our courses.
    What forms of ID is accepted?
    There are only a few options as a valid ID , which are:
    -Driving License
    -Birth certificate
    -National ID Card
    If you do not have any of the above types of ID please contact the office on tel: 0800 085 2081.
    When do I need to upload a payslip?
    - If you earn less that £17,004.00 please submit/upload a payslip (less than 3 months old) that shows your yearly gross income.
    - (If you live in the Greater London Area and earn less than £20,962 please submit/upload a payslip (less than 3 months old) that shows your yearly gross income)
    - (If you live in the West Midlands or North Tyneside areas and earn less than £18,135 please submit/upload a payslip (less than 3 months old) that shows your yearly gross income)

    Upload your documents here

    Finish upload

    9. Data Protection Privacy Statements

    Please click the below links to read our data protection privacy statements

    We would like your feedback and to keep you informed about new courses. Please note you have the right to opt out of receiving promotional communications at any time by:

    • Contacting us by emailing
    • Using the 'unsubscribe' link in emails
    • Using the 'STOP' number in texts)
    • Please select your contact preference
    Consent to LRS Data Sharing

    We are required to submit ESFA-funded achievements to a student's Personal Learning Record (PLR) held on the Learner Records Service (LRS) database. If you would like educational institutions you enrol at in future to have access to your PLR, you will need to consent to it being shared on the LRS database. Sharing your PLR can benefit you as educational institutions may not require physical copies of your certificates.

    10. Declaration

    I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information given in this form is correct and complete. I agree to Learning Curve Group processing the information in accordance with Data Protection legislation, and I will inform Learning Curve Group if any of the details identified in the form above change in any way. I have received appropriate advice and guidance about my chosen course(s), entry requirements, content, assessment, suitability and support.

    I confirm that all of the personal information on this form is correct. I declare that I have correctly identified my prior qualifications. I am aware of the fees and charges relating to the programme (where applicable), and I understand that if I have declared false information, action may be taken against me to reclaim tuition fees and any associated costs.

    I understand that Learning Curve Group will deliver my course though it may be funded through one of Learning Curve Groups partners. This may involve receiving supplementary information including the completion of an alternative form but will result in no cost to myself.

    By signing this form, I agree to abide by Learning Curve Group Policies and Procedures.

    I confirm that I have read the ESFA Privacy Notice provided to me in section 9.

    I confirm that I am required to check my 'Qualification Status' tab on the following page (found on the My Portfolio page) after I have submitted my information, to obtain my course title, start date and overall end date.

    I confirm that if I choose to withdraw from the course after submitting this form without a valid reason, I am required to pay £125.

    We incur costs to register you with an awarding body to ensure you receive your qualification certificate so please ensure you are intending to complete the course.

    Learner Signature


    This activity is part-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund (ESF). ESF supports activities to extend employment opportunities and develop a skilled workforce. Further information can be found here

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